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    Christmas Slipper Lunch

    Our December luncheon is the traditional slipper lunch, in which we come together for the holidays in festive footwear. People customize their slippers according to the theme (this year the themes were “Best Bling” and “Winter Woodland Creatures”), votes are cast, and winners are declared.  Afterwards, we have our gift exchange, where gifts are stolen back and forth mercilessly.  All in good fun, of course!  The best part of the luncheon are the generous donations made to the food bank that helps ensure that everyone has a wonderful holiday season! The Slipper Parade The contestants!  The best “Woodland Creature” slippers! The “Best Bling” slippers!  Alison emceeing the gift exchangeTesting out the twisty turban

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    Food is a common theme among New Clevelander’s activities! The “famous” Canasta salad bar A “Yummy” lunch group! Whiner’s Wine Night at Paladar in Woodmere Luncheon at Night Town in Cleveland Heights  

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    The cold can’t stop us!

    It’s been a long winter, but the New Clevelanders don’t hibernate — far from it! Here are some pictures of what the ladies have been up to. Come join us for our next events! Benefit Beat makes yummy meals at The Ronald McDonald House in downtown Cleveland Couples Bon Appetit heads to Crop Bistro  Winning big at Bunco! 

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