Bloom Where You’re Planted

We are a non-profit social organization called New Clevelanders. The purpose of our club is to help ladies new to the Cleveland area make friends and transition more easily to their new home. We’ve all walked in your shoes and have discovered a way to set down roots and bloom where we’re planted.

 Membership shall be open to all adult women who subscribe to the purpose of the club and who have relocated to the eastern suburbs. However, we strive to be an inclusive club and also welcome women who live in the Cleveland area and are interested in meeting and helping new people. The majority of our activities take place daytime during the weekdays in the Chagrin Falls/Solon/Aurora/Hudson areas.  Our annual dues are $40 per year. To pay dues click here.

Members are provided with a directory of the names and addresses of all members. The directory has been compiled for the exclusive use by members of New Clevelanders for social purposes only. It is not to be used for any business purpose. Members all have access to a monthly newsletter that contains information about upcoming events and activities; an entertaining program presented five times per year at a luncheon; and monthly new members coffees to welcome prospective and/or new members and supply them with specific information about our club and its activities.

The New Clevelanders Club welcomes new members and strives to make everyone feel at home here in Northeast Ohio. We do not engage in or support activities that are in any way commercial, political or religious.

The purpose of the New Clevelanders Facebook page is to share information about our activities and photos of members enjoying such activities. The responsibility is on the individual, not the club, if one does not want personal photos posted. Prior to posting, photos taken within private homes must be approved by the homeowner.

For more information about our club, Contact Us.

If you happen to live on the west side of Cleveland, you may prefer a group closer to your home.  Please visit The New Westsiders website at

. If you’re a member and would like to join our Facebook page click here!